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Project Management Consultancy

Joni Dougherty Project Management Consultancy
Project Management Consultancy

Project Management consultancy

Project management consultancy provides professional advice to companies regarding projects (Wrike 2021). Project management is a sector that has seen growth in consultancy agencies and companies worldwide due to the growth in projects. There is a need to focus on project management consultancy trends and changes that have continued to shape the industry in the world.

Ram Tavva ( 2021) highlights trends in project management consultancy like automation and artificial intelligence, hybrid project management models, growth in the use of project management tools and software, data analytics, and numerical. According to Patra (2021), remote working, soft skills, and working together in consultancy firms are major trends in project management consultancy. Trends in any industry are inevitable but dealing with them and consultancy firms are most of the time on the receiving ends.

Some of the leading project management firms in the US are Anser Advisory, Bechtel, Boston Consulting Group, Brailsford &Dunlavey, CSL Consulting, EPMA, Mott Macdonald, PMAlliance, and Point B, Inc (AGS 2022). These companies are well-rated consulting firms in Project Management in the US. These firms are all working in a dynamic world that has experienced growth and changes. Some of these companies struggle to use artificial intelligence in their work, while others are collaborating or working ways to become competitive globally. Companies are struggling to keep profitable in the industry dominated by artificial intelligence (Mavelink 2020). According to Egeland ( 2011), the struggle to meet the clients' needs and deadlines is a challenge, especially in situations where the project's leadership is not clear. With such a struggle, companies seek to offer some services like data analysis and decision support using modern software.


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