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Children Read

Children Read
Joni Dougherty

Children Read

Some people might wonder what children are reading. American will admire the ideas of how reading can help children understanding a lesson. When presented with an essay to read, some would expect the essay to have credibility and examples. The author of an essay should include pathos, ethos or logos appeals depending on the essay and message they are providing the reader. In the beginning of the essay by Sara Mosle, within the second paragraph she writes “There are models out there — if only they’ll read them!” Give us the reader the understanding that they are models to help understand what children read. Some do not realize that in America some students are not receiving the quality of required education reading opportunity, to better the child reading ability. In this paper it will argue the use of Common Core in current literacy for what children should read.

There are many people who admire the Common Core. They feel it's the best for the children in our society's public school system. Sara Mosle wrote an essay on What Should Children Read, asking the question within the paper. Mosle shared her knowledge in regards to Common Core and the use for children's reading.

What Should Children Read? Sara Mosle , providing and demonstrating knowledge, experiences and thoughts on the subject of children’s reading What Should Children Read? This topic is important, as early education is what will set children up for the future. This can assist in many generations of success. Some often hear about what the past generation read. Using pass generation tools to work towards the better of future children. Sara Mosle, sharing Mr. Gladwell’s essay provides information as the school gets ready to take on the national benchmark. Something that nearly every state adopted. The standards are provided for language arts and mathematics that children should master. Following the way “English teachers around the world as they begin to implement the Common Core State Standards for language arts. He shares his experiences and thoughts about the Common Core and how it should benefit students.

While discussing the “Common Core” gives specific examples of reading during a student's years. He breaks down the “informational texts” As he states “the Common Core dictates that by fourth grade, public school students devote half of their reading time in class to historical documents, scientific tracts, maps and other “informational texts” — like recipes and train schedules. Per the guidelines, 70 percent of the 12th grade curriculum will consist of nonfiction titles.” These numbers sorry English teachers “to toss Shakespeare so students can study, in the words of one former educator, “memos, technical manuals and menus” Fearing children students will struggle without and not meet dignified people during their time in school. Leading to struggling in earning high-school equivalency and life role model skills for the children. The children deserve every effort to be given the correct information to set up for life success.

Today’s children's education is rapidly changing. In years past students were exposed to reading fiction stories. The reading was happening and helping their knowledge of words. However as Mr. Coleman points and Sara agrees with him that children readers need “more help with reading skills, but as a model for their own essay.” The feeling for this case for Mr. Coleman opinion regarding children reading, as he works closely with children and groups of people in the education field. This writing is based on ethos. There is frustration in regards to the school education system based on the writing. The essay writes about how school doesn’t need more nonfiction, what is really needed for students is better nonfiction writings. “Most students could use greater familiarity with what newspaper, magazine and book editors call “narrative nonfiction”: writing that tells a factual story, sometimes even a personal one, but also makes an argument and conveys information in vivid, effective ways” There is a long period to find out what can assist student on what children should read.

The essay describes the models of narrative nonfiction in different programs “This American Life”, ``Radiolab ``and''Sugar Changed the World. The latter shows a book about slavery adn science. These nonfiction books give children a chance to relate to the book they are reading. Getting students to read might be easier by opening a child up to reading what they enjoy. Reading not just for testing score, or the national standard score, reading for critical thinking, reading to understand the literature as a student reader, a future leaders.Reading not just for testing score, or the national standard score, reading for critical thinking, reading to understand the literature as a student reader, a future leaders. One nonfiction book speaks about a young woman who grew up in Iran during the Islamic revolution. Even though it's nonfiction, it brings life experience along with reading skills. Children might be more prone to read books as in Persepolis. By reading these books or books of this type it could in turn increase their reading skill, but along with the reading boost scores it could increase their desire to read more.

The essay could have strengthened the argument by providing more scientific data in regards to the success of students who have followed the common core children reading requirements. Years to come can provide research chronically the students who went through the common core, comparing the success in comparison to those who didn’t use the common core.

The position of Common Core would be stronger if more of these children's reading were readily available to students. In specific nonfiction are more easily found in local journalism, though weekly newspapers, or even online stories. As stated “Most readily, narrative nonfiction is available every day of the week in the dwindling outlets for long-form journalism. Students are a natural (and the future) audience for serious, in-depth reporting. Skilled practitioners” The argument of common core would put student readers at a disadvantage, if the children read are limited to the common core book list and not able to receive the book for daily readings.

In conclusion, every effort to help students in reading should be used. The essay validates the importance of reading for children. Regardless of what a child should read, if the link of providing the reading supplies are not available the scores will still be lacking. The writer needs to show cause in regards to different economic groups, not leaving a child behind due to cost. The argument in the essay didn’t not establish how children were going to be able to receive the supplies books. The feeling is that this argument of common core reading is lacking the information on who is going to support the cost of the books for the reading list of common core.

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