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Career Research Paper

Career Research Paper
Joan Dougherty

Career Research Paper

Description of the career

There are so many careers to choose in the business world. A few people can take years finding the right field for themselves. Others hit the jackpot, say the family lotto and are born into a family business. The career I chose for me is in the music arts profession. I would love to focus on the ballet and piano education world.

Skills required for this career

The skills required for this career will depend on the area I want to be in. Skill required to be a dance or piano teacher at a local school is as follows per Music and Arts, 6 years of teaching or a Bachelor's degree. To teach at a home owned business will regard the studio and the understanding of the arts. My main career goal will be to work as a professor at a community college. To become a music professor at a community it would require me to earn a Master Degree in the arts music education field or something related.

The main fact is understanding ballet and piano is a required skill to teach the arts for a career. There are additional skills to help in this career. The skill to have for a career in teaching arts will also include the following. If teaching young children you will need to have great communication skills. The communications skills will help in talking to parents about the progress of their children. At the college level the communication skill will assist in telling students what is expected of them to pass the class. In this field one would need to be able to teach diverse populations of students along with different skill levels. Skills would also include understanding lesson planning with the use of organization skills. Making sure that the lessons are planned and delivered as planned. One of the main skills will be the ability to perform music

Training and education required for this career

The training would be practicing the piano. Keeping up the skills learned in the area of playing.

The education required is a Bachelor's degree. The next step would be grad school to earn a Master's Degree. Per University of Central Florida website, The Music MA program requires a minimum of 30-34 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree. Students must take 11 credit hours of required music courses and 17 credit hours of elective courses.

Tasks, duties and responsibilities for this career

The professor of music will be required to teach the subjects in the college curriculum per the school. The teaching methods will most likely require theory and methods of music, along with playing of the musical instrument and singing. Besides being able to teach a large classroom full of students, there might also be private one on one teaching sessions. The normal will be the task of holding fundraisers. Including the Holiday concerts, graduation music and other events at the school requesting music.

Work environment

The work life would be a balance. The job will require a lot of the person in the field working daily with students. There would also include the college vibes, being on campus. The amazing part will be enjoying mentoring and watching students grow.

Future job outlook

I went to three colleges I would want to work for, at this time only two were hiring for the job. I believe the outlook is good. However I am eight years away from looking for this position. The classes will always be offered at a college level, so when I finish schooling I will start applying to every college.

Earnings range (annual entry level salary and maximum salary)

The average full time college professor is $52,436 for college professors at the lowest rank to the highest rank $102,802 for the academic year 2022 per the best college website.

One can also earn extra money teaching at a local studio, which is around $20.00 an hour.

Advantages and disadvantages of this career

The advantages for this career is the job of a college professor. I believe that would be an amazing career position.

The disadvantages of this career will be that you have to pay for a lot of college courses, just with the hope of getting a job. The time and money for this career is a lot. It could be an advantage if one finds a job right away or a disadvantage if one never finds a professor job.

Interesting facts about this career

You are working on a college campus. Some schools give professor perks as free or discounted game tickets. There is a large community of students and other professors. The hours might work well for some professors. If a professor has small children they might be able to work their work hours around pick up times.

Related occupations to this career

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