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Ballet Battement All Types

What are the different battement in ballet? There are a few battement in ballet. See below for battement ballet.

Battement beating Battement grand beaten large Battement petit beaten small Battement arrondi beaten rounded Battement arrondi grand beaten rounded large Battement arrondi en dedans grand large beaten rounded inward Battement arrondi en dehors grand large beaten rounded outward Battement battu beaten Battement dégagé disengaged beaten Battement développé beaten developed Battement développé tombé beaten developed falling Battement divisé en quarts beaten divided in quarters Battement en cloche grand large beaten as bell Battement en cloche petit small beaten as bell Battement en croix grand large beaten in form of a cross Battement en round grand beaten rounded large Battement fini piqué grand large beaten finished in piqué Battement fondu beaten sinking down Battement fondu double beaten twice sinking down Battement fondu développé beaten developed sinking Battement fondu développé relevé beaten sinking developed in raised Battement fondu simple simple beaten sinking Battement fouetté beaten whipped Battement frappé beaten struck Battement frappé double beaten struck twice Battement frappé pointé beaten struck pointed Battement frappé pointé double beaten struck pointed twice Battement glissé beaten slipped Battement jeté grand large beaten thrown Battement jeté balancé grand large beaten thrown rocked Battement jeté balancoire grand large beaten thrown seesaw Battement jeté passé grand large beaten thrown passed Battement jeté piqué grand large beaten thrown pricked Battement jeté pointé grand large beaten thrown pointed Battement piqué petit little pricked beaten Battement pointé á terre grand beaten large pointed on the ground Battement raccourci beaten shortened Battement raccourci grand large beaten shortened Battement retiré grand large beaten withdrawn Battement relevé lent raised slowly Battement retire beaten withdrawn Battement serré beaten tightened continuously Battement soutenu beaten sustained Battement soutenu grand beaten sustained grand Battement sur le cou-de-pied petit beaten small on neck of food Battement tendu beaten stretched​ Battement tendu double beaten stretched twice Battement tendu jeté beaten stretched thrown Battement tendu jeté balancé beaten stretched thrown rocked Battement tendu jeté balançoire beaten stretched thrown swing Battement tendu jeté en cloche beaten stretched thrown bell shaped Battement tendu jeté pointed beaten stretched thrown pointed Battement tendu pour batterie stretched from beaten step Battement tendu relevé beaten stretched and raised

May you reach your center stage.

Much Love,

Jacklyn Dougherty and Joni Dougherty

Ballet Battement All Types Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty
Ballet Battement All Types Photo Credit Jacklyn Dougherty

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