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Adidas Dance Sneakers

Most Amazing Dance Style Sneakers by Adidas

Jacklyn Dougherty Adidas pink shoes dance sneakers.
Adidas Pink Tag Dance Shoes. Jacklyn Dougherty

The other day I went for a shopping trip to Dick's Sporting Goods. Always on the hunt for anything ballet and dance. Found the coolest shoes and purchased them for price of $97.97. These kicks are adorned with white lace, baby pink Adidas three stripes and a tag that say "I (adidas logo) Dance. I worn these shoes on a normal day, pairing them with a white tee, jeans and Buxom winner red lip. Beautiful done adidas. Looking for more amazing shoes, check out my shoe page. Much love Jacklyn Dougherty

Information from box NMD_R1 and FZ3777 Boost check your local sporting good store or online store, happy shopping.

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