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Dr. Joni Dougherty Ed.D

Joni Dougherty is the mommy to Jacklyn Dougherty. Joni earned her Doctor of Education from Saint Thomas University in 2023, Master of Nonprofit Management from University of Central Florida in 2019, Bachelor of Science Public Affairs and Health from University of Central Florida in 2015, Associate in Arts General Education from Valencia College in 2012.

Jacklyn Dougherty

Jacklyn Dougherty is the founder and director of Jacklyn is the daughter to Joni Dougherty. Jacklyn is currently a University of Florida college student, Go Gator. Jacklyn is classical trained in Ballet, Dance, Viola, Piano, Violin, Cello and Voice. She advocates for ballet and music education for all children, by providing free class on her YouTube channel and her website.   Jacklyn Dougherty is the content creator of this website and her YouTube.  Find Jacklyn's education tutorial on piano, ballet, violin, viola, dance, and cello.  Join Jacklyn's email list for updated information at

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